Technology Services

KIRAT Service offerings brings to you the best of technology and expertise—at your point of need—to support your application development, testing and maintenance initiatives.

Recruiting,training and retaining resources with the right skills and experience for your IT organization can be costly and time-consuming, especially when you need to quickly scale teams up and down with business demands. The push to go digital further amplifies the shortage of specialized IT and business talent.

We have our unique strength in many frontier business line to new operating models and business processes, connected product platforms, analytics and collaboration capabilities to enhance productivity and grow business in a controlled and scalable ways.

KIRAT Services can bolster your IT staff capacity or extend your capabilities through a flexible and scalable delivery model—providing resources onsite or from local and regional partners.

We can deliver key business results with flexibility, quality, cost, speed and global sourcing channels. We offer you the flexibility to address IT resourcing challenges and increase your capacity with skilled professionals—across enterprise platforms, custom systems and emerging technologies—with deep industry, technology and business skills. Our services include:

Application development: We provide analysis, design, development and implementation support for new and existing applications to meet your emerging business needs.

Application maintenance: We provide production support and modify application software to correct faults, improve performance and reliability, and adapt the software to changes in environment.

Application testing: Our testing professionals help you meet your testing and automation needs from functional and regression to security, performance engineering, user acceptance, user experience, operational readiness, test data management and environment management among others.

Program and project management: Our program and project management professionals help you manage the delivery of required scope within schedule, quality, effort and service commitments through effective planning and execution.