Kirat acknowledges continued shift in the expectation from modernization and its related impact to businesses today which are looking at modernization as a strategic initiative not only to cut costs but also to help increase business and take it to the next level.

Although enterprises are increasingly adopting new age technologies and delivery models, they still remain challenged to derive meaningful business value. Business are looking for service providers to help them realize these goals. Kirat with its wide Consulting and Outsourcing services expertise is driving up "Inclusion of Consulting in AO (Application Outsourcing) Contracts."

Kirat Outsourcing model is based on following 5 strategic steps:

  • Establish the Outsourcing Objectives

    The Clients underlying motives for considering outsourcing as an appropriate strategy need to be clearly understood. We do not need to identify specific tasks to perform instead, it should contain broader goals of the Client to be met by working with a Kirat as their outsourcing Vendor.

  • Establish Outsourcing Capabilities of Kirat

    To establish this Kirat will ensure that Clients Outsourcing requirements are fully met by the Outsourcing services offering of Kirat.
    We currently support SAP, Java/J2EE and Microsoft technology areas catering to both Application and Infrastructure Outsourcing services.

  • Establish Performance Measures

    Agree on the Performance Measure KPIs. These performance measures should be incorporated into the service level agreement with a reference point. Usage of appropriate tools to interpret findings and to derive performance outcome and take appropriate actions is to be devised and agreed. Performance measures determined prior to the Outsourcing contract and during the relationship can serve as an effective benchmark for Improvement.

  • Responsibility breakdown in Multi vendor Scenario

    In a multi-vendor outsourcing arrangement the Roles and Responsibilities of each vendor and the impact of each other activities should be clearly defined.

  • Evaluate Analyze and Deliver

    In order to reduce risk and pre-empt major issues there should be a clear communication from Client to deliver expected results. A formal mechanism to determine whether Kirat meets the performance levels set and whether the objectives are being achieved should be set up.The use of appropriate software and conferences with Client accountable can help in understanding and interpreting your findings.

Kirat is uniquely positioned to give you the best value propositions with smaller team , less overhead in terms of management governances in highly reduced cost compared to many global players in the same fields.

Our factory mode of operations are particularly suitable for sustain maintenance and short implementations initiatives taken by large organizations.